Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 facts about me *sigh*

So I was tagged this and what you are supposed to do is tag 30 different people and then write 30 facts about yourself.
It doesn't matter what you put as long as they are all facts.

1. I will not tag anyone but still fill the urge to tell you all 30 random facts about me.
2. No one liked me in high school excluding 2 girls and 1 boy.
3. I thought I was an awesome basketball player but really was terrible. (thanks Mom)
4. I love to water ski.
5. One of my best friends growing up was a boy.
6. My dad was an alcoholic
7. I am known as the family therapist
8. I have not worn make up in over 10 years
9. I secretly wish I was more girly
10. I get depressed and know one knows it
11. I had a hard childhood
12. I am extremely terrified of worms (thanks mom)
13. I suffer from terrible headaches
14. Mice freak me out like not other
15. I can not be alone
16. I never have been away from my husband for longer then two days
17. I was married one month after my 19th birthday
18. I ran away from home when I was 13 and took my moms truck
19. I was arrested when I was 18 for fighting my sister and spent the night in jail *sigh*
20. I cant spell
21. I cant use cleaners without gloves and lots of washing my hands cause I think it will eat my skin off.
22. My sister-in-law Bre is the only person who knows absolutely everything about me.
23. I love twilight
24. I got into so many fights in school
25. My boyfriend died when we were freshman in high school
26. I hate laundry
27. My dad hit me with his car when I was 13 and dislocated my knee and kept going (yes my mom was there she helped me)
28. My favorite color is purple
29. My favorite food is spinach cheese dip
30. I call my grandma every day well almost every day


allthelittlelambs said...

wow! You sound like you have a life like my own. So much drama and so little room to write about it!! for the record I think you seem so nice and quiet. Never would have guessed half of the things you wrote here!

Bre said...

Thanks Nikki, I always like hearing the random things about you. I'll tag myself and do it later :)